Message from the President

Welcome to the Arizona Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International (ESA).

In 1943, the Arizona Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha was created. ESA’s mission statement is “Good friends, Good works and Good times.” We bring good people together to make a positive impact on the world around us. ESA was established in 1929 and challenges our members to empower themselves through education, leadership, networking and service programs.  ESA is committed to making a positive difference for its members and the causes we support.

ESA members work hard to raise funds and awareness for St Jude Children’s Research hospital.  We volunteer over 650,000 hours annually and have helped to raise over $250 million dollars for St. Jude since 1972.  ESA also has supported Easter Seals since 1984, volunteering numerous service hours and helping raise more than $5.9 million. Our members are devoted to making a difference in our communities, our state and country.

We feel that every interaction we have is an opportunity to make a difference to others lives plus betting ourselves. Through our volunteer projects, social activities, education and online networking, you’ll develop a strong personal support system of friends you can count on throughout your life. By touching other lives, you will leave your mark on this world and know that your life and work matters. We are empowered and passionate about helping and learning. The ESA Foundation, established in 1971, offers hundreds of scholarships and grants each year for collegiate and ongoing education.  You can attend conferences and seminars that teach collaboration, confidence and leadership skills.

If you want to make a positive difference in someone’s life and leave a lasting legacy of your own, then attend one of our meetings. Along the way, you will make lifelong friends and surround yourself with welcoming, positive people. You will gain a new family.

Learn more about the ESA International Council (IC) at their website and use our Contact Us page to let us know if you any questions you may have about ESA and the Arizona Council.  We look forward to getting to know you.

Patricia Gale, Arizona Council President 2022-2023