Ocotillo Express

What is the Ocotilo Express? The Ocotillo Express is a way for you to receive e-mail messages instantly about Arizona ESA Sisters and Brothers. It’s nice to hear “News” immediately when Congratulations are in order or be there for a fellow sister or brother in need.

If you would like to receive the Ocotillo Express emails please submit your current e-mail address, name and chapter to Liz Castle  at or Carol Caldwell at .

The chaplain report will continue to be presented at the Council meetings and in the bulletin. Please assist in making this successful by e-mailing either one with the “News” to be shared.

Receiving Bulletins:  We now only send the Bulletins electronically via email. If you would like to receive the Bulletin, please contact Colleen Luger at  and give her your e-mail address.  Past issues are also available via the AZ Council website.







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