Overseas Coupon Program

Overseas Coupon Program

History about overseas military coupons

This program supplies coupons to our military serving overseas.  They are able to use coupons that have expired within 6 months.  They recommend to only send coupons older than 2 months expired on the date of shipment.  It takes 1-2 weeks for packages to get to the recipients as volunteers at the base sort out the coupons.  There needs to be enough time for the families sort through them and find the ones they want for use and get to the store with them.

Remember to cut out the coupons and sort in baggies.  Here are some categories to get you started.  Food, cleaning, pets, personal hygiene, clothing.

The website is http://ocpnet.org/

Here are the steps to find a base to adopt.

1.  Go to the “Base List” link at the top of this page.

 2.  Choose a base by name not address.  Remember do NOT choose one that has NO NEW ADOPTIONS under the base name.  Choose one that says “Yes Please Adopt Us” under the name.

 3.  Go to the “Adoption Form” page and fill in the form.  Do not hit enter until all the boxes are filled in.  Use the tab key.

 4. The form will ask for the following information: (no not use the “enter” key)

  • Your Organization/Group’s name or type “none” if there is not one.
  • A short comment if you need to.  (We will not reply to these comments.)
  • Your name
  • The base name (not the address)
  • Your street address/ PO Box
  • Your city
  • Your state
  • Your zip
  • Your area code and phone number
  • Your email address

5.  When satisfied with the information click on the “enter” key on your computer.

6.  The system will automatically send us your adoption.

7.  You will not get a confirmation, but thank you for adopting a base!  (See Confirmation Request page)

How to mail the coupons

Obtain a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope (ID: 9.5 x 12.5 SKU: EP14PE_X ) – order from USPS.com – you may order up to 15 free shipped to your home.

2. Place base address (base page) and your return address on the mailer.

3. Fill out customs form 2976-A (click on link for instructions) Here is a sample of the filled out 2976A & CN 22 form.

4. USPS Customs Declaration – CN 22

4. Take to Post Office and mail.